Italian Diction Coaching

Whether you are preparing your first role in Italian, or an art song for an audition, working on Italian diction will help you better understand the nuances of the language. Your ability to enounce the lyrics will improve, allowing you to relate with your character and express yourself more authentically.

During our coaching session, we will work on every challenge of the text, clarifying the articulation of those sounds that characterize the language. Your Italian will sound smoother and more legato, and you will immediately gain ease while singing.

As an opera singer myself, I understand the needs of the singing voice, and I will share with you all the tricks to achieve perfect Italian diction.

New to Italian repertoire?

Let’s work on the specific sounds of the language, clarifying how to articulate the words.

Familiar With The Repertoire?

We will work on your phrasing and how to improve your legato.

Experienced With Italian?

Take your Italian to the next level, learning its nuances and how to use them to be more expressive.

Schedule your online session now and start mastering your Italian!


Video + IPA

I offer videos with IPA transcriptions of several arias and art songs. In each video I present a normal pace enunciation, to hear the speech patterns and inflection of the language, and a slow pace enunciation, to elongate each syllable, helping you hear how each sound is articulated. 

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Recordings of roles, dialogues, arias, art songs, and song cycles are available upon request. You will receive an audio file that can be used to prepare for your next audition or performance.
Each recording includes a normal pace reading, to hear the speech patterns and inflection of the language, and a slow pace reading, to elongate each syllable, helping you hear how each sound is articulated.

Presenting a guest lecture at University of California - Riverside

Masterclass & Lectures

If you are a voice teacher and would like to offer your students an immersion in Italian repertoire and Italian diction, I am available for lectures and/or masterclasses. Contact me to know more about the different formats offered.
During my masterclass, I usually cover  such topics as:

  • Italian Vowel Sounds

  • Closing and Opening of e and o

  • Single and Double Consonants

  • Prepalatal Consonants [ɲ] and [ʎ]

  • Italian Legato

  • Assimilation of n

  • Phrasal Doubling

Italian Lessons

Whether you are preparing for an Italian Proficiency Exam or you are planning your next trip to Italy, let’s get in touch! I hold the CEDILS certification (Certification in Teaching Italian to Foreigners) and I have been teaching Italian for the past six years. I customize and organize the lessons on your needs, level, availability, and preferences. I provide all the material and I send it by email before our lesson. I usually focus on conversation, comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary building (social, professional & jobs specific), also providing written grammar exercises, original Italian readings/songs, etc.

If you have always dreamt about learning Italian, contact me to know more about my rates!

New to Italian?

This is a good opportunity to learn some basic vocabulary, how to introduce yourself or to order at the restaurant.

Some Italian in the Past?

Let’s refresh the language with specific exercises to cover those topics that need some practice. We can now dig into Italian culture!

Fluent in Italian?

You choose the topic, I create some material so we can talk and discuss what interests you. Culture, politics, food, art, or music? Decidi tu!